Services Exchange

Find The Perfect Artist to Make Your Ideas Come to Life

The idea of the services exchange

The purpose of the services exchange is to give users the opportunity to work with both freelancing and professional artists, so that they can have their idea come to life.  However, for our beta test we ask that users choose from the listed models below and describe their desired product's features in the form below. Once the form is submitted, we will choose the best artist who will work for you!

Tell Us What You Want

Please fill out this quick form so that we can find the best artist to work for you!


Here we will provide the types of materials our artists have to offer, allowing users to pick which desired material they choose their product to be made out of. We will also include a description of the material (color, look, strength, etc.). 


This feature will only be offered throughout our beta testing phase. Here users will be given a set of models to choose from, which will then be customized to their liking.

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